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About Us

Welcome to,

An antenna company for the people, by the people. Our goal is to offer a useful service to our peers and to earn your trust by offering smart options that get more of you 'on the air' with confidence. Whether the small city lot or rooftop with no room for radials and the other options just don't work the DX, we are with you. Looking for extremely high-performance antennas, designs that may never have been tried before? Stay tuned... we have some things we want to show you, coming soon.

We are a hand-picked group of very active ham radio enthusiasts with families and a passion for the hobby, likely just like you. 

It just so happens a few of us have enjoyed professional careers in the antenna design and engineering "arts" and have pledged to design a suite of smart products made available right here on this website.

As your radio peers, we are 'at your service' to bring you superior engineering, smart design, and premium materials in the form of efficient multi-banders (like our Flagpole Antennas and Vertical Dipoles to Arrays focused on high performance and in some cases never-tried-before antenna designs. (Stay tuned!) We believe you'll be pleased.

In summary, for our first offering, we offer an efficient solution to get as many of you in restricted areas on the bands with confidence. Whether Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&R) and HOA restrictions are tight and a Flagpole is your only approved hope, you want a real antenna that's easy and effective for all band access, SDR operation, or you're digital mode and FT8 radio ops, this first antenna offering is certainly for you and at a great price too. Great as a non-flagpole vertical dipole antenna for 80-6 also.

To be clear, you dig a small hole, drop in the antenna, then plug and play! 1-2 hours from unbox to on the air!

We hope you will stay tuned to our blog and product offerings for those coming details.

Please join our conversation. Try our products, challenge our science, reviews, and approach, and please engage us in shaping our story. After all, we are you. We look forward to finding you, On the Air!

Thank you in advance, 73.

The Team