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Plotting various Mounting Heights for the OCF vertical-dipole and DX Flagpole Antenna: Ground, Roof, Tower

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Greetings Radio Ops and friends,
We did it again. In the name of "science" and to keep our Radio-active spirit alive here's our continuing effort to bring you more transparent references for your entertainment and consideration. 

How does the 20' OCF Flagpole Vertical-Dipole play at varying mounting heights?

We get questions often such as "can I mount this on my roof?" or "can I mount this on my bulkhead?"
As a simple visual reference, we think the below will help your thinking.
Below is more performance plots, this time illustrating the various installation or mounting heights one might consider for the 20-foot OCF DX Flagpole mounted and compared to itself at:
1 ft. (ground level)
10 ft. (house eave height)
25 ft. (house peak height) 
50 ft. (tower top height)
Red is 1 ft., blue 10 ft., green 25 ft. and orange 50 ft.


How will you mount your OCF DX Vertical-Dipole or DX Flagpole?
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