Ham Radio's answer to HOA Restrictions! The DX Flagpole, a 20' OCF self supporting high performance antenna for 80-6M. 10 bands!

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  • Our DX Flagpoles and OCF vertical dipoles are 90% efficient, 80M to 6M

    Yes, it's true. We get questioned on this all.the.time! I've asked our designer to answer this question about "90% efficiency across the bands" and...
  • The Legend of W7DND's "Magic Antenna" or "DND Array" #hamr

    He hand-built a vertical-yagi beam on a rotating dock (a rotating dock!). We aren't promoting rotating docks (yet!) but we are offering a useful and we believe the smarter solution for many restricted space QTH's, the DX Flagpole.
  • Introducing the DX Flagpole Antenna | aka 80-6M OCF Vertical Dipole

    Recommended to anyone with HOA restrictions! Meet our latest product, the DX Flagpole Antenna, an off-center-fed (OCF) verti...